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Finishing the heart print cushion

DMTV viewers will recognise the print and piecing for this cushion. Since taping the video workshop  for DMTV I've completed the quilting and today had the satisfying job of sewing up the cushion.

Still loving pompom trim for cushions!

The quilting I've done is pretty densely worked so the front panel of the cushion ends up quite firm and stable. If you use a thin fabric for the back of the cushion it'll just not work very well, you need something that's equally robust for the back.

I've been tidying my under-the-bed-store of old quilts and decided that I'd had this one for too long. If I've not sold it or shown it in another exhibition then I reckon I don't need it anymore. I sliced off the binding and cut two rectangles to make an envelope back for the cushion. The close quilting was a perfect match for the front panel.

I bound the edges of the envelope with some of the black and white print fabric that features in the piecing on the front.

And there …

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