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OK, I'll start with an apology to my Canadian friends and everyone else around the world who reads this blog and copes with snow without drama, but here in the UK, this much snow is a big deal! Us Brits just aren't used to it. A dusting of icing sugar proportions will make the news so you can imagine how several inches is bringing us to a standstill. School's been closed since Friday and we've had no collections or deliveries of post either. Of course there is a small person here, who's never seen snow like this before and is quite delighted that school is shut!

This is the track that leads from the village to our house.

This bank is much steeper than it looks in these photos. I thought she'd be too nervous to sledge down, but no! it was me doing the most squealing.

Back at home, the big trees in the garden are covered with a blanket of powdery snow. The weight has broken some branches and we've had to prop up the old cotinus tree to stop more of it snappin…

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